Power of Apti - Lesson 1


Power of Apti - Lesson 1

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We begin today's class now. Be sincere, be diligent. Success will be yours :)

Power of Apti - Maths / Arithmetic Questions

Basics of calculations # 1


Power of Apti - Maths / Arithmetic Video Solutions


Basics of calculations # 1

Power of Apti - Maths / Arithmetic Solutions


Basics of calculations # 1



Power of Apti - Language / Vocab / RC     

Grammar and Vocab # 1

In the following questions, indicate the nouns and classify them as common, proper, collective or abstract.

1. The tiger has great agility.

2. The Brahmaputra overflows its banks every year.

3. This class consists of 80 students.

4. Without wealth there is no happiness.

5. This class is studying grammar.

Give the noun form for the following words. 

6. Starve

7. Coward

8. Regent

9. Vain

10. Glutton

Power of Apti - Language / Vocab / RC Video Solutions   

Grammar and Vocab # 1

Power of Apti - Language / Vocab / RC Solutions

Grammar and Vocab # 1

SOLUTIONS (view video above to understand in depth)

1. Tiger (common); agility (abstract)
2. Brahmaputra (proper); banks (common); year (common)
3. Class (collective); students (common)
4. Wealth (abstract); happiness (abstract)
5. Class (collective); grammar (abstract)
6. Starvation
7. Cowardice
8. Regency
9. Vanity
10. Gluttony

Power of Apti - DI / DS / LR 

Logical Reasoning # 1

DIRECTIONS: Read the following information and answer the questions that follow. 

Six people, named A, B, C, D, E, F are in the dining car of a train. They are one each from New York City, Chicago, Tulsa, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Atlanta. The following facts are known :
> A and the man from New York City are physicians.
> E and the woman from Chicago are teachers.
> The person from Tulsa and C are engineers.
> B and F are veterans of the Gulf war, but the person from Tulsa has never served in the military.
> The person from Milwaukee is older than A.
> The person from Atlanta is older than C.
> At St. Louis, B and the man from New York got off.
> At San Francisco, C and the man from Milwaukee gets off.

1. Who stays in Milwaukee? 
(1) A
(2) E
(3) C
(4) B

2. Which of the following is an 'Teacher' and 'Engineer' combination? 
(1) E and B
(2) C and D
(3) A and D
(4) B and C

3. Who got down with B at St. Louis?
(1) A
(2) D
(3) F
(4) E

4. Which of the following is the right pair of Physicians?
(1) A and D
(2) A and F
(3) A and B
(4) A and E

5. Which of the following statements is true?
(1) A belongs to St. Louis
(2) D is a teacher
(3) A is younger than E
(4) A is younger than C

Power of Apti  - DI / DS / LR Video Solutions

Logical Reasoning # 1

Power of Apti - DI / DS / LR Solutions

Logical Reasoning # 1

SOLUTIONS (view video above to understand in depth)

After making a proper table we observe that,

> A is from Atlanta and is a physician.
> B is from Chicago and is a teacher.
> C is from St. Louis and is an engineer.
> D is from Tulsa and is an engineer.
> E is from Milwaukee and is a teacher.
> F is from New York and is a physician.

1. Ans.(2)
2. Ans.(4)
3. Ans.(3)
4. Ans.(2)
5. Ans.(3)

Power of Apti - GK / Current Affairs

[ August 2017 ]

1. Gold imports from South Korea : There is a huge surge in Gold Imports from South Korea that has GoI alarmed. From July 1 alone, more than 8400 kg gold (coins mostly) has been imported! Till June end, the excise duty on gold and jewellery was 12.5%, but now gold items attract 10% basic customs duty and 3% IGST (Integrated GST). However, imports from SK are extempted from Customs Dury under the IKCEPA, 2009 (India Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, 2009). So what will the government do? Well, what govts do in such scenarios - possibly "impose a safegauard duty" of 10% or so on imports from South Korea. This shocker for the GoI was totally unanticipated! Read various related inputs here  |  Download useful materials here

2. SEBI cracks on Angel Networks : The Angels, it seems, may need some genuine angels to protect them this time! The Securities and Exchanges Board of Inida (SEBI) is scrutinising their working and has asked many such "Angel Funds" seeking all info on their fundraising business and checking if all securities markets law are being followed or not. Angel Networks are a key connection between funds-starved startups and big-pocket investors. SEBI worries that these Angel Funds may have started behaving like stock exchanges themselves, thereby bypassing the rules of private placements by offering shares to more than 200 investors. However, experts say that Angel Networks are different - they are offline investment platforms and should not be treated as crowdfunding ones. The Startup India programme hasn't been a great success so far, and if SEBI takes such a wide view without respecting nuances, it will be problematic. Investors in Angel networks are knowledgeable people who cannot be equated with retail stock investors needing protection. Read more on regulatory bodies here.

3. Radical power and coal policy by Gujarat : The government of Gujarat has done something new - it has issued a tender for power developers to receive cheap coal in return for getting cheap power (less than Rs.2.82 per unit). A tender is issued to procure 1000 MW (1 GW) of coal-based power. Private playeres will receive coal supply from the share of Gujarat staet, and the base tariff in auction will be Rs.2.82 per unit. Hence, Gujarat has become the first state to implement a Coal Utilisation Policy. Hence, in the auction, Govt will transfer coal given to GSECL (Guj. State Electricity Corp) to more fuel-efficient private power plants. Reverse auction will be needed to buy power (in Sept.). GSECL gets coal at a landed price of Rs.4812 /tonne, from the Korab coalfiled in Chhattisgarh and Korea-Rewa field in MP. This is possible due to 2016 Union Cabinet decision allowing flexible utilisation of coal. Read many useful insights on Energy and related developments, here

4. Chinese juggernaut rolls on, abroad : The PRC is on a roll, yet again. China has decided to spend a sum of $ 1500 billion to buy companies abroad in the next 10 years. This will be 70% more than the previous 10 years (a sum of approx $ 880 billion). The government encourages companies to invest abroad in areas like advanced technology and global trade. But nothing is smooth - foreigners have a natural fear of Chinese due to their own national security concerns. China, however, remains very aspirational in spreading its global footprint. Also, Chinese regulators themselves are wary of huge foreign deals, due to the debt that gets created in the process. India and China, meanwhile, remain locked in the Dokalam standoff at the trijunction, and regular war threats continue to emanate from China. Read about Chinese expansionism here, India-China relations here, and US-China issues here.

5. Next Chief Justice of India : Justice Dipak Misra will be the next CJI after Justice J.S.Khehar retires on August 28, 2017. Justice Misra will get a total tenure of 13 months as the CJI. There are many crucial constitutional matters pending before the Supreme Court - (a) Ayodhya title case, (b) Cauvery waters dispute, (c) SEBI - Sahara row, (d) BCCI reforms, (e) Panama Papers leak, (f) Debate on Privacy laws and (g) Aadhar mandatory issue. His notable decisions so far were in cases like Mumbai blasts accused Yakub Memon, Delhi gangrape-murder case, defamation law etc. Justice Misra came to the SC from the Delhi High Court in 2011, having started his career from Odisha. He is the nephew of late Shri Ranganath Misra who was the 21st Chief Justice of India (1990 to 1991), and first chairman of the National Human Rights Commission of India. Read the full list of Chief Justices on our Static Repository here | Read about many judiciary related inputs here |  This compilation & quiz prepared by Team Civils Tapasya - PT's IAS Academy

6. Exporters ready for a stronger rupee : When rupee is strong vis-a-vis the dollar, importers are happy as imports become relatively cheaper. When rupee drops, exporters (including IT companies) cheer, as they earn more per dollar of exports (their exports become more competitive). Now the rupee has been strengthening regularly in 2017, reducing the margins for all Indian exporters. The primary driver has been more inflows of foreign capital. Sectors like engineering exports, textiles and automobiles may suffer. In August, rupee touched a high of Rs.63.84 per dollar. However, imports, foreign trips and education is getting cheaper by the day!  Overall, since India is a net importer nation, strong rupee is fundamentally good for Indian economy. Rupee may finally touch 60 to 62 to the dollar, due to continuous foreign portfolio inflows. Read more on Indian exports here.

7. 15th Finance Commission is coming : The year end will see the 15th FC (Finance Commission) getting constituted. The Finance Commission is a body that recommends all suggestions pertaining to tax sharing norms and formulae between Centre, States and Local Bodies. The 14th FC was headed by ex-RBI governor Shri Y V Reddy, and suggestions were valid for the period 2015-16 to 2019-20. The radical suggestion of 42% sharing of divisible pool of taxes for States was accepted by the Union government, while it was 32% earlier. Now, the 15th FC is expected to perhaps work on a crucial topic - the Debt to GSDP ratio of Indian states (GSDP = Gross State Domestic Product). While the 14th FC used 1971 population figures, but it used 2011 figures for local bodies financial allotments. What will the 15th FC work with is being discussed at the top levels in the government as of now. Here are more inputs on related matters | Read PIB excerpts here

8. Indian agriculture imports grow, exports reduce : India is reducing lesser and lesser of agricultural commodities, and the trade surplus has minimized. In 2013, the exports were 150% of our imports, but now, due to government policies exports have dipped and imports risen. As per DGCIS (Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics), in 2016-17 India exported only $ 24.6 billion worth agri-goods. It was $32.9 billion in 2014. Major reasons for collapsing exports are : (a) Droughts and poor production (2014 - sugarcane, dals, edible oils), (b) Growing population and demand, (c) Curb on exports due to fear of poor production. The 2022 target of doubling farmer incomes seems difficult if such trends persists. Read insights on Agriculture here and here

9. Quit India Movement sees fresh clashes! : The speeches delivered by top leaders in the Parliament of India commemorating the Quit India Movement were reflective of deep divisions across party lines. While PM Modi spoke of "creating a new India, free of poverty, filth, corruption and terrorism etc. by 2022", Mrs Sonia Gandhi spoke about the narrow-minded communal ideologies dominating the national discourse as on date. The Quit India movement started on 09 August, 1942 and it is the 75th anniversary in 2017. Hence, special discussion was held in the Parliament. The Lok Sabha accepted by unanimous vote a  resolution to create an India of Mahatma Gandhi's dream by 2022, and to fulfil one's duty fully to contribute to that. The Rajya Sabha also did the same.  [##link## Go to July 2017 content]  |  Read more on RBI and related issues

10. Trump's stalled agenda, industries stuck : When Donald Trump came to power, his basic promise was "American will win" in all trade deals. Many industries were optimistic of a turnaround in fortunes, but it has taken time. First, Trump withdrew from the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), but other reworking of deals has not happened due to huge complexities of rules and norms. Steel workers are unhappy as tariffs are yet not placed on Chinese imports. Construction companies are unhappy as a deal with Canada for wood lumber exports hasn't happened yet. Cattle ranchers are waiting for the deal with Japan for beef exports. Threats of retaliation by other nations bogged down all plans. The voters of Trump in the "rust-belt" - the iron and steel industry region - may be very unhappy as they voted en masse for Trump. US has made it claer that vast multinational deals will no longer be done. This compilation & quiz prepared by Team Civils Tapasya - PT's IAS Academy  |  Read more on Donald Trump

Power of Apti - Quiz on GK / Current Affairs

Q1. Why did gold imports from South Korea only surge heavily post July 1?
(Indian Economy, Dynamic)
(1) India and South Korea have a special Gold treaty, and importers benefitted from it
(2) India and South Korea have recently entered a special treaty regarding bullion and precious metal
(3) Gold from South Korea is exceptionally high in quality
(4) The 2009 India Korea CEPA exempts gold from Customs duty, hence making it a good deal

Q2. Why has SEBI cracked the while (asked questions) on Angel Networks?
(Governance and Institutions, Dynamic)
(1) SEBI feels that large-scale black money laundering has happened
(2) SEBI's perspective is that basic laws regarding private placement may have been violated
(3) SEBI is under pressure from the Finance Ministry post GST rollout
(4) The Angel Networks have been found funding some anti-national ventures

Q3. Why has the govt of Gujarat allowed private players access to its own coal allocations?
(Energy, Dynamic)
(1) Its own power companies (plants) are not as fuel-efficient as private sector one
(2) It will get cheaper power in return, through reverse auction
(3) It is part of flexible use policy, as per 2016 Union Cabinet decision
(4) All of the above

Q4. Which of these is true regarding the foreign expansion and acquisition plans of the Chinese? 
This compilation & quiz prepared by Team Civils Tapasya - PT's IAS Academy)
(World Economy, Dynamic)
(1) The total amounts planned for acquisitions abroad by China in next 10 years are more than $ 5 trillion
(2) The total amounts planned for acquisitions abroad by China in next 10 years are more than $ 1.5 trillion
(3) The total amounts planned for acquisitions abroad by China in next 10 years is less than that in the last 10 years
(4) None of the above

Q5. Which of these is a not a strategic issue that the next CJI Shri Dipak Misra will handle?
(Constitution and Law, Dynamic)
(1) Ayodhya title dispute
(2) SEBI Sahara payments row
(3) Privacy law debate and Aadhar tangle
(4) Chinese intrusion in Dokalam

Q6.  Which of these is true regarding the 15th Finance Commission?
(Indian Economy, Dynamic)
(1) It has already been appointed for considering the period 2020 to 2025
(2) It has not been consituted yet, and will be, by end of 2018
(3) It is likely to deal primarily with the issue of Debt to GSDP ratio of Indian states
(4) It will be using the population figures of 2017 for all calculations

Q7. What is the impact of a stronger rupee?
(Indian Economy - Currencies, Static)
(1) Importers are happier, but exporters are troubled as their exports become more competitive
(2) Importers are sad, but exporters are happy as their exports become less competitive
(3) Exporters are sad, but importers are happy as imports become cheaper
(4) None of the above

[##link## Go to July 2017 content]

Q8. Why has Indian agri exports volume dropped significantly? This compilation & quiz prepared by Team Civils Tapasya - PT's IAS Academy)
(Agriculture, Dynamic)
(1) It is due to a mix of factors like drought-induced poor production, growing domestic demand etc.
(2) It is due to an express, blanket ban on agri exports from India, by the GoI
(3) It is due to factors like curb on some exports by the governments (for fear of domestic price hike)
(4) Both (1) and (3)

Q9. What is true regarding the Quit India movement?
(History, Static)
(1) It was launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1942, and was a complete failure as it could not achieve its stated objectives
(2) It was launched with an objective of forcing the British to leave India, and it succeeded in propelling the mass sentiment
(3) It was officially shut down by the British government
(4) The second world war officially was the reason the Quit India movement succeeded

Q10. What is the status of Donald Trump's trade related promises, as on date? (August 2017)
(People and Personalities, Dynamic)
(1) He has delivered on almost all promises made during elections, and voters are elated
(2) He has not delivered on any one of the promises made substantially, and voters are very edgy
(3) His commitment is undiluted, as was seen in the case of steel imports into America
(4) Both (1) and (3)


Q1.(4)  |  Q2.(2)  |  Q3.(4)  |  Q4.(3)  |  Q5.(4)  |  Q6.(3)  |  Q7.(3)  |  Q8.(4)  |  Q9.(2)  |  Q10.(2)

Power of Apti - GK / Current Affairs Videos

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Power of Apti - Lesson 1
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